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Remote máy chiếuPromethean PRM-10

Mã SP : Remote Promethean PRM-10
Giá bán : 1,200,000đ

✔ Remote máy chiếu Promethean PRM-10

✔ Remote chính hãng Promethean

✔ Bảo hành: 03 tháng

Số lượng : skype


Các chức năng trên remote promethean prm-10

Các chức năng trên remote promethean PRM-10


1.  POWER ON/STAND-BY button 
Turn the projector on or off (pp.18, 19).
2. VIDEO button
Select VIDEO input source (pp.23, 34)
3. COMPUTER button
Select COMPUTER input source (pp.23, 25, 3)
4. MENU button
Open or close the On-Screen Menu (p.20)
5. Point (VOLUME + / –) buttons
–      Select an item or adjust the value in the On-Screen 
Menu.  (p.20)
–    Pan the image in Digital zoom + mode (p.33).
–    Adjust the volume level (Point buttons) (p.23)
6. SELECT button
–    Execute the selected item (p.20).
–      Expand or compress the image in Digital zoom mode.  
7. D.ZOOM buttons
Zoom in and out the images (pp.24, 33)
8. PAGE buttons
Scroll back and forth pages on the screen when giving a 
presentation. Connect the projector and your computer with 
a USB cable (not supplied) to use these buttons (pp.9, 1)
9. FREEZE button
Freeze the picture (p.23). 
10. NO SHOW button
Temporarily turn off the image on the screen (p.24).
11. LAMP CONTROL button
Select the lamp mode (pp.24, 46)
12. MUTE button
Mute the sound (p.23)
13. P-TIMER button
Operate the P-timer function (p.24)
14. IMAGE button
Select the image level (pp.24, 30, 37).
15. AUTO PC button
Automatically adjust the computer image to its optimum 
setting (pp.24, 27)
16. KEYSTONE button
Correct the keystone distortion (pp.22, 41)

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