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Máy chiếu Epson EB-X04

Mã SP : EB-X04
Giá bán : 9,400,000đ
  • Độ sáng: 2.800 lumens ansi
  • Độ phân giải: XGA (1024 x 768)
  • Độ tương phản: 15,000: 1
  • Tuổi thọ bóng đén: 5000H / 10.000h (chế độ Eco)
  • Bảo hành: 02 năm cho thân máy, bóng đèn 12 tháng hoặc 1.000 giờ
Số lượng : skype


You need a full projector features help convey confidence content vividly presented with a price completely within reach. Epson EB-X04 convergence of factors you need the following:

- Competitive price.

- The image quality is very nice impression: brightness: 2800 ansi lumens, contrast ratio of 15,000: 1 and XGA 1024x768 resolution, clear images even in bright light conditions.

- Application Epson Iprojection: presentation wirelessly from mobile devices, QR Code Reader Function everything becomes easier by reading the QR code from the smart devices and presentation. Details such as illustrations

Epson EB-X04 wireless slideshow

Epson EB-X04 projector from the wireless device.

- Horizontal Bar Keystone: Keystone Adjustment manipulate images with simple slider, good support for case space is limited by obstacles.

- The function automatically adjusts the screen perpendicular: automatically get the right angle on the placement machine is limited, all actions are minimalist use max.

- Expand the connectivity options with HDMI, VGA, LAN.

- Multi-user: With the control of the server, up to 50 workstations to be simultaneously connected to the projector, with the administration of the server, can be up to 4 PC or Smart phone simultaneously screened.

- Show 2 images from different sources on the same screen is divided: there are times when this is really necessary especially in situations conferences and seminars Video.

- Home Screen: See and access the functions you use frequently are displayed right on the home screen, quick and convenient.

- Function Auto Power On: The projector starts automatically when it detects the input signal and start a slideshow, releasing all previously troublesome manipulation.

- The function automatically detects the input signal.

- Parts designed heat exhaust fan in the front projector: Solve the dispersion concentration when noise and hot air pours into the direction of the participants.

- Projector Lamp long-term use: 10,000 hours

- Easy maintenance and lamp replacement even when the projector is ceiling design hanging lamp positioned on top of the projector.

 Epson EB-X04 easy lamp replacement 

Epson EB-X04 easy lamp replacement.


  • Screen from 100 "to 150"
  • VGA signal line
  • HDMI signal transmission wire
  • Projector bracket from 20cm to 200cm size: Use when installing the projector on the ceiling hanging your space Compact
  • Lamp Epson EB-S04
  • Pen slideshow
  • Periodic maintenance for projectors
  • On-site warranty package, increasing the warranty period
  • Installation projector.


Table specs Epson EB-X04 Detail:
Technology 3 LCD
Resolution XGA 1024X768
Code bulbs ELPLP88
capacity 200W UHE
Lamp life 5000 / 10.000h (Eco mode)
Screen Size Zoom Wide: 30 "to 300" Zoom Tele: 30 "to 300"; Standard 60 "1.77m to 2.4m
Brightness 2800/1960 (normal) ansi lumens
Contrast 15,000: 1
Sound 1W Monaural
Keystone +/- 30 degrees
Auto Keystone yes (horizontally)
Vertical Keystone Correction yes
Quick correction angle yes
Analog input   
D-Sub 15 pin 1 (Blue molding)
composite RCA x 1 (Yellow)
S-Video first
HDMI 1 (MHL not supported)
Audio 2 RCA (White / Red) first
USB Type A 1 (for USB Memory, Document Camera, Wireless LAN, Firmware Update)
USB Type B 1 (for USB Display, Mouse, K / B, Control, Firmware Update)
Wireless LAN
Options (ELPAP10)
Specifications Wireless ELPAP10
Speed ​​Supported For Each Mode * 3 IEEE 802.11b: 11 Mbps, IEEE 802.11g 54 Mbps, EEE 802.11n 130 Mbps
Wireless LAN Security WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK (TKIP / AES), WPA2-PSK (AES) (Optional Wireless LAN Unit use)
Supported Connection Mode Infrastructure, Access Point
Operating Altitude 0 to 3.000 m <0 to 9.843 ft> (over 1,500 m / 4,921ft: with high altitude mode)
Open directly off function yes
Boot Time 6 seconds, 30 seconds heating time
Cool-down time almost immediately when turned off
Maintenance Time Dust 5000H (normal) / 10.000h (eco)
Power Supply Voltage 100-240 V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Lamp On (Normal / Eco) 277W / 207W
Standby (Network On / Off)  2.4W / 0.26W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 234 x 297 x 77 mm
Noise (Normal / Eco) 37dB / 28dB
Rear connections
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